Vegetable Gardening Stakes

Some vegetables will benefit from support. Vegetable gardening stakes can be used to support climbing vegetables such as pole beans, peas and sprawling vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. the best time to put up stakes or other supports is at planting time so you do not disturb the plant roots. You will train and tie the vegetable plants as they grow.

Benefits of staking:

  • Save space.
  • Easier to see the fruits when harvesting.
  • Easier on your back when harvesting.
  • Produce more fruit by keeping them off the ground so they do not rot.

    Here are some 7 easy ideas for making vegetable gardening stakes.

    1. Teepee of bamboo poles

      Small trees such as alder will work as well. Place 3 to 8 poles in a teepee shape and tie them together at the top. These are great for pole beans .

    2. Wire cages

      These can be purchased from hardware stores or garden centers or you can make your own by wrapping chicken wire around 3 wooden poles that have been secured in the soil. You reach through the mesh to harvest. This can be used for growing tomatoes .

    3. String

      Stretch the string over an A-frame made with 2 by 2 inch pieces of wood. This can be use for trellising beans and peas .

    4. Wooden frame

      Build a wooden frame to the size you will need. An old wooden window frame will work as well for a small area. Lean the frame against a wall or fence. This will make a great trellis for cucumbers or squash vines to climb.

    5. Tall wooden stakes

      Secure tall poles made with 2 by 2 inch wood, bamboo or small trees into the ground so they are sturdy. You can tie up tomato plants to each pole using soft ties made from string, old pantie hose or cloth.

    6. Nylon trellis

      Nylon trellis bought at garden centers is used for large plants such as cucumbers, zucchini and squash . You wind the plant through the large 6 inch openings. This is a soft, white trellis that will not decay, is easy to wash and store. Use the same support you would for a volleyball or badminton net to hold the weight of your plants. You can toss a piece of plastic or cloth sheet over to protect your vegetables.

    7. Green garden netting

      This is a plastic mesh with 5/8 inch by 1 1/4 inch squares. This works well for peas as their tendrils grasp this material easily. This netting can also be bought at garden centers or from some seed catalog's.

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