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Vegetable Gardening Hints, Issue #020 - Things to do in September.
September 05, 2009

Taking the time this fall to get your garden beds and area clean and tidy is one step towards having a healthier and more successful vegetable garden next season. If cleaning up seems overwhelming do it is stages; starting with one garden bed or certain are each week.


Have your garden tools handy:

A clean up tool kit should include:

  • garden gloves
  • sharp knife or scissors
  • rake
  • shovel or trowel
  • Have a wheelbarrow, large basket, or tarp nearby so you can throw any debris into it, saving steps back and forth to your compost bin.

Learn more about garden tools.

Cleaning your garden beds:

  1. As you finish harvesting your vegetables pull the plants out and remove them to the compost. If it is diseases or has pests on it make sure you bag it and put it into the trash that way you will not be spreading the problem by leaving it on the bed or putting it into your compost.
  2. Rake the garden bed and remove the debris to your compost.
  3. Add in a few inches of aged animal manure or compost and turn it under with a shovel or tiller.
  4. Plant a green manure of fall rye, vetch or field peas or mulch the bed with shredded leaves or straw.

Learn more about green manures.

Cleaning other garden areas:

  • Mow or weedeat the outer areas of your garden and pathways so weeds do not go to seed and spread.
  • Lay down more mulch to the pathways if they are mulched, cardboard or newspaper are inexpensive and effective ways to keep weeds down in your pathways. Just make sure you put something on the cardboard like wood chips, bark mulch, sawdust, or stone to keep the cardboard or newspaper from blowing around.

    Learn more about mulching.

    Fix broken items:

  • Take the time to fix or mend broken trellises, fences, garden boxes and tools. If you do not have time this month make some notes and make sure these items get done before everything is stored away.

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    Welcome to the world of vegetable gardening!


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