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Vegetable Gardening Hints, Issue #001 -- Your January to do list and more.
December 19, 2007

Snow may be covering the ground in some areas and you are wondering why do I need to think about my vegetable garden? Southern areas may be already preparing their soil for planting. No matter where you live there are several things that you can do now to get ready for the growing season.


  • Start planning your vegetable garden.

    6 steps to a fabulous garden is a great place to start.

  • Order your seed catalogs
    Seed and nursery companies usually put out their catalogs in December and January. Now is the time to send for them - or better yet put your name on their mailing list so you get them mailed to you every year.

    If you order seeds from a catalog always order early so you get what you want. Seed catalogs can be a great source of information for learning about vegetables and what would be best for your garden.

  • Do an inventory of your seeds
    Now is the time to take an inventory of what seeds you have left over from last year. If you saved seeds from your own harvest even better. Get your packets together and make a list of what you have, that way you will not waste money buying something you already have. Most seeds will last 2-3 years if kept in a cool place.

    Buy your seeds from a reputable nursery or catalog. If you can purchase seeds that have been grown locally it is even better, that way you know they work well in your area and climate.



Kale is a very hardy member of the brassica family. It's flavor is improves after a frost, so January is a great time to keep harvesting your kale from the garden. Kale will reseed itself if left to go to seed. It will pop up all over your garden, which can cause problems, so collect seed to save or try to cut it back before it goes to seed.

Check out tips for growing kale.

January is a great month to plan and dream of what you want your vegetable garden to be this year. Check in with your-vegetable-gardening-helper for the simplest steps to having your own vegetables.

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Welcome to the world of vegetable gardening!


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