Easy Vegetable Gardening

Grow vegetables that have more than one edible part for easy vegetable gardening.

Save time, energy and space by growing vegetables that have parts that can be eaten at different times during their growth. Some vegetables are grown for their roots, some for their leaves and others for their seeds. Why not grow ones that will give you a couple of options?

Vegetables with more than one edible part:

  • Beets - eat both the baby leaves and roots
  • Kohlrabi - eat both the leaves and roots
  • Onion - eat the greens in your spring salads and the bulbs in the fall.
  • Pumpkin - the flesh as well as the seeds are both edible.
  • Rutabaga - eat both the baby leaves and roots
  • Turnip - eat both the baby leaves and roots

For more information on specific vegetables please go to my vegetable list. Here you will find easy and useful information for planting, growing and harvesting your favorites.

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