Why is Soil so Important?
Tips for Amending and Fertilizing

My ebook "Why is Soil so Important?" is an informative book for the beginner vegetable gardener.  Do you want information and tips on how to improve your existing garden soil? Or perhaps an avid gardener wanting to keep their soil healthy and fertile, my ebook will give you some helpful tips. 

Healthy plants, tasty veggies and a pest & disease free garden start with fertile, rich garden soil.

Often gardeners, especially beginners are unaware of the importance of having healthy garden soil. This book will help you with tips on amending and fertilizing to feed your soil in order to have an abundant harvest.

I also offer vegetable garden plan books to help you get started in planting a garden. One on row gardening layout , another for a square foot garden layout and finally one for raised bed vegetable gardens .

Why did I write "Why is soil so important?"

Why did I write this book?

I love growing vegetables and feel passionate about teaching others to grow as well. I want to inspire everyone to start growing their own veggies and to have a productive successful harvest.

There are many positive reasons for growing your own vegetables: healthier for you and our environment, they taste better, gardening is good exercise and can be fun, and a well designed healthy garden can add value to your home and life.

"Why is Soil so Important" will assist you in having a healthy garden and allow you to gain confidence in growing your own food.

What is included in this book?

  • Chapter 1 - Garden Soil
  • Chapter 2 - Soil Nutrients
  • Chapter 3 - Soil Fertilizers
  • Chapter 4 - Adding Organic Matter
  • Chapter 5 - Composting

Bonus #1
The Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms Chart will help you to understand what your plants are saying to you. Taking time to observe how your plants are growing and what they look like will help you to identify what your soil may need. This chart lists common plant problems, the reason they may be occurring and what nutrients may be lacking in your soil.

Bonus #2
Fertilizing Tea recipes. Making fertilizer teas is a simple, organic, and inexpensive way to keep your veggie plants happy and your soil more fertile. We provide some easy to follow recipes for you to try.

For your convenience and ease both of these bonus resources are included in the book.

Why is Soil so Important?
Tips on amending and fertilizing
...for just $9.95

This book is filled with easy to follow tips to help you in having a successful and productive vegetable garden.

You can access your "Why is Soil so Important?" book for only $14.95 about the cost of a few vegetables from the grocery store. Let me assist you in having your own healthy vegetable garden and save money on your grocery bill!

I believe you will be very satisfied with the quality of information and helpful tips in this book.

Buy now -
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Downloadable ebook (PDF files) - $9.95
Immediately after this purchase, you can download your ebook and start planning and organizing your vegetable garden with my simple to follow information and helpful tips. This ebook is in an Adobe PDF file format. If your computer does not have the Adobe Reader software, your can easily install it for free.

The ebook version comes with a no-question asked guarantee. If you are not satisfied just email me within 8 weeks of your date of purchase and I will issue you a 100% refund immediately. Your ebook purchase is 100% safe and secure.

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