Easy Steps to Vegetable Gardening

You will find my vegetable gardening information easy to follow and helpful.

I am here to help you with:

Vegetable gardening benefits:

Do you want to be healthier? 

Need more Exercise?  Eat more veggies?

Digging, hoeing, weeding, and watering are all great activities and can be accomplished at any age or level of fitness.  Exercise done!

There is nothing better than biting into a fresh tomato picked from the vine or hearing the crunch as you bite into a carrot you just pulled out of the ground. Fill up on fresh veggies from your own garden!

Do not be intimidated.

I am here to help, this website will guide you with easy steps

Vegetable gardening is planting a tiny seed, watching it grow, then harvesting and eating the vegetable  -  a wonderful feeling of accomplishment

If you are new to gardening this website will help you get started in planting your first veggie garden.

If you are an avid gardener looking for new tips and tricks to make life easier you will find those here as well. 

How do you start?

A vegetable garden can be as small or as large as you want or need it to be. If you do not have access to a backyard try growing in containers - there is always a way to grow something.

Be open to experimenting 

Try new things, do not be afraid to make mistakes is some of the best advice. 

The temperature, the amount of sunlight and amount of rainfall can all have a huge affect on how well your vegetable plants grow; we often have very little control over the weather so every season you may have new successes and new challenges. Embrace them all.

Have fun

Having a successful garden takes time, effort and commitment however the rewards and the feeling of accomplishment when you watch the seeds sprout and then turn into fabulous tasting food is one of the great pleasures in life.

Start out small, grow what you love to eat, have fun, relax, and enjoy healthy food on your table.

Go to Step 1 now

I have over 200 pages of information and easy tips to help you get started growing your own vegetable garden.  Lets get you started now with Step 1 of my easy  6 steps to a healthy abundant veggie garden.

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