Step 1 - Find your garden site

Choosing a garden site can be one of the most important things you do when starting a new garden. 

Where can you grow your vegetables?

  • Do you have an existing garden area?
  • A back or front yard that could work?
  • Can you dig up a patch of grass?
  • Do you have a sunny side of the house that could be planted?
  • Do you live in an apartment? Do you have a balcony or sunny porch area?
  • Is there a community garden in your area?
  • Can you rent or lease some land?
  • Is there a boulevard or grassy area you can grow on? (check with your town or city if it is pubic areas)
  • Do you have an neighbour who is not using their front or back yard and would love for you to use it in exchange for some fresh veggies?

If you really want to grow there are all kinds of options for a garden site. Let your imagination soar.

When choosing a garden site consider the following factors:


How much sunlight does this area get during the day, keeping in mind that the sun alters its path during the year. A certain amount of sunlight is essential for growing vegetables.


The best soil for growing vegetables is a rich humus soil with good drainage that will hold moisture during the hot months. Choose an area that is away from trees and large shrubs as their roots will compete with your vegetable roots. If you have poor soil consider building raised garden beds or learn how to amend your soil for best results.


You will want the water supply to be near where you are planting vegetable garden to save time and make it easy to water the plants.

  • Is there a water source nearby?
  • Where is the nearest tap, will hoses reach?
  • If not, how easy is it to get water to the site?


  • Do you live in a warm or cold climate?
  • How long of a growing season do you have?
  • Can you start planting in March or is it not until May that you can get to your plot?
  • Is it a windy area? If so, you will need to consider building a fence or planting shrubs as a windbreak.

Deciding where you will be planting a vegetable garden will determine what you can grow best. See this vegetable list for details on growing specific vegetables.

Your next step to planting a vegetable garden is making a vegetable garden layout.

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