What vegetable gardening supplies do you really need?

Walking into a garden center or flipping through a gardening magazine looking to purchase vegetable gardening supplies can be overwhelming and very costly. You only need a few good pieces of equipment to have a great vegetable garden. Many of you may have these in your garage or shed right now. If you need some new tools try to buy the best quality you can afford so they will last you many years.

In my opinion the top three items you need are:

  1. shovel
  2. stirrup hoe
  3. garden hose
These are used for digging, weeding and watering which are all steps for having a healthy vegetable garden.

My "must have" list of tools and supplies:

  • My garden journal
  • shovel
  • flat edged shovel
  • pitch fork
  • stirrup hoe
  • rake
  • wheelbarrow
  • garden hose
  • water wand
  • garden gloves
  • natural jute twine
  • pail
  • Haw's watering can
  • sharp knife
  • nylon trellis
  • trowel
  • seed starting supplies

My "nice to have" list of tools and structures:

These items can be expensive and really only needed if you have a large garden site.

  • rototiller
  • Wheel hoe
  • back pack sprayer
  • drip irrigation
  • tool shed and work area
  • greenhouse
  • fencing
  • large pots for container gardening

It is important to keep your supplies in good shape, clean and sharp. This makes is a lot easier on your back when working in the garden. Dirty broken tools can damage your soil and spread disease among your vegetable plants. Your tools and equipment will last longer when they are kept clean and sharp.

It is best to clean your tools at the end of your growing season; it is on my to do list in November.

  • Clean your tool blades with a stiff wire brush.
  • Sharpen them with a rasp.
  • Storing equipment and supplies indoors before the first frost is best. Leaving them outside in the rain or snow can cause rust and damage which can shorten the life of your tool. If you do not have a shed, leave them in a sheltered area covered with a tarp.

The quieter winter months are a good time to go through everything to make sure it is working properly and in good shape. Check that handles are not cracked or split. The last thing you want to happen is to get splinters or the handle breaks off while digging in your garden.

If you take care of your vegetable gardening tools and and vegetable gardening supplies they will last you for many gardening seasons.

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