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Vegetable Gardening Hints, Issue #012 -- Your December to do list and more.
December 07, 2008

With holidays around the corner it is easy for us to forget about our gardens. Don't forget the carrots, beets or potatoes you may still have under your mulched garden beds. Keep harvesting any greens you may still have growing like kale, Brussels sprouts or any other hardy salad greens. Now is the time to get the last of what is growing before the cold or wet weather really settles in.


  • Evaluate your garden season.
    Now is the time to look back at what worked and what did not work in your garden. What can you do differently or what would you like to introduce next season? Here are some questions you can ask to get you started.

  • " My 2009 Vegetable Garden Journal "is now available.
    It is a simple to follow book that will help you stay organized and give you all the information you need to have a successful vegetable garden.

    In the book you will find:

    • A monthly calender with the best dates to plant.
    • Month at a glance to do list to guide you.
    • Easy to follow planting, growing and harvesting information for 25 common vegetables.
    • Tips on watering, fertilizing, mulching and pest management.

    Ready to read more? click here.

    Check your stored fruits or vegetables.
    It is important to regularly check any fruits or veggies you have stored and remove any that are moldy or rotten. One rotten piece left in the box or bin can affect all of the others very quickly. So make a note to look at everything at least every few weeks especially if you are not using the produce on a regular basis. For more information on specific fruits for vegetables check out storage tips.

    Plant in cold frames.
    If you live in a mild climate and you get a lot of sun during the winter months you can be planting under cold frames. Learn more.

    Give gifts for the garden.
    For the avid gardener or even a beginner gardener a gift for or about gardens is the perfect way to go. I am a passionate gardener and love to receive garden tools, gift certificates for seeds, flats, containers, labels and grow lights for starting my seeds indoors, soil test kits and of course a great gardening book or magazine is a must!

    Great suggestions for larger gifts is a rototiller or greenhouse kit.

    Start making your wish list and make sure your friends and family see a copy of it!!!

    Order one of my vegetable garden plans books or "My 2009 Vegetable Garden Journal" for the avid gardener or any "would be" gardener on your shopping list.


    Brussels Sprouts

    Here are my tips for growing great Brussels sprouts:

    • It is a member of the cabbage family and got its name from the capital of Belgium.
    • This vegetable is also known as "little cabbages".
    • This plant thrives in the cold weather.
    • It is a long growing vegetable taking about 4 months from planting to harvesting.
    • Plants are usually set out in June or July for an early winter harvest and can be set out again late fall for a late winter harvest.
    • Harvest buds before they start to change color picking the lowest sprouts (buds) on the stalk first.
    • One plant can produce 75-100 buds, so they can be harvested over several weeks.
    • In areas where you get a lot of snow, move the plants that are still bearing to a cool sheltered area like an unheated garage, bury the plant's roots in soil and keep picking and enjoying the fresh sprouts.
    • They are not the most popular of vegetables but once you have tried a fresh steamed Brussels sprout there is no going back.

    For more information on check out Brussels sprouts .

    Now is also the time to rest and enjoy all your gardening books and magazines! I have several helpful ebooks that will provide you with easy to follow tips to having a fabulous vegetable garden. Check them out.

    Please contact me with your comments and suggestions.

    If you have enjoyed this ezine please tell a friend.

    Welcome to the world of vegetable gardening!


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