Organic Gardening Questions...

It is important to ask organic gardening questions each season that way you can keep track of what works or does not work in your garden site. 

Take the time to observe and record what has happened in your garden as it is hard to remember from one year to the next as to what happened.   

Write down suggestions or plans that could make your garden more productive and healthy  

Garden rotation is one area that is very important to keep track of as this will keep your soil healthier and help prevent pest and diseases in your garden.

Doing this will make planning for next season will be a breeze. Winter is a great time to do your garden evaluation as you are indoors more and have more time to relax and dream making it the perfect time to reflect and plan. 

Some organic gardening questions you can ask:

Freshly harvested veggies.
  • How well did my vegetables grow?  Were there any surprises? Good or bad?
  • Were there certain varieties that grew well or did poorly?
  • Was the garden too large for me or can I go bigger next year?
  • Did I eat everything I harvested?  Was there anything I did not like?
  • Do I need to plant more or less of a certain vegetable?
  • Did I try something new this year, did it work?
  • Were there any pests in my garden?  What did I do? Did it work?
  • Did I have any disease problems?  With what vegetables?  What did I do?  Did it work?
  • Do I need some new tools?
  • Did I have fun gardening?  If not what can I do to have a better time next season?

Creating a healthy soil by adding in organic matter,  organic fertilizers and amendments to your garden soil is the foundation of organic gardening. 

Proper watering, weed control and not using any harmful chemical or pesticides in the garden area.

Planning my garden each year is a big part in me having a successful and bountiful harvest.

Do you need help with planting your vegetable garden? 

Do you want some advice on growing a specific vegetable? 

During the off seasons, take time to sit beside a nice roaring fire, sipping a cup of tea or a glass of wine and dream about what you would like your vegetable garden to be next year. Have fun!

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