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Vegetable Gardening Hints, Issue #017 -- Things to do in May.
May 09, 2009

May it the month to get most seeds and transplants out into your garden.


  • Setting out transplants
    If you started your own transplants or are purchasing them from you local garden center May it the month to set them out. Broccoli, lettuce and other cool season veggies can be transplanted at the beginning of the month whereas tomaotoes need to be transplanted later in the month. Learn more about how to transplant.

  • Sowing seeds
    In most climates May is the perfect planting month. In the beginning of the month it is still cool enough to seed cool loving crops and by the middle or end of May it is warm enough to plant the heat loving vegetables. You can tell if the soil is warm enough by walking barefoot on it. If the soil is warm under your feet you can go ahead and plant beasn, squash and corn seeds. Learn more about seeding your vegetables.

  • Companion planting
    To help prevent disease and to help your veggies plants grow their best try companion planting. Learn more about companion planting. are.

  • " My 2009 Vegetable Garden Journal "gives you the best days to plant each month. It is a simple to follow book that will help you stay organized and give you all the information you need to have a successful vegetable garden.

    In the book you will find:

    • A monthly calender with the best dates to plant by the moon cycles.
    • Month at a glance to do list to guide you.
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    • Tips on watering, fertilizing, mulching and pest management.

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  • Need help with your garden layout?
    Now you know what you would like to grow, where and how are you going to make it happen? The most common ways of planting vegetables are in row, raised beds or in containers. Order one of my vegetable garden plans books for great planning ideas for your own garden.

  • May to do list:
    • Harvest lettuce, spinach and radishes.
    • Continue to succession sow lettuce, spinach, carrots, and radishes..
    • Sow beans, corn, cucumber, and squash seeds towards the end of the month.
    • Transplant out tomato, pepper, eggplant, and squash transplants.
    • Continue mulching to suppress weeds.



    Here are my tips for growing great beans:

    • Beans need warm soil temperatures to germinate.
    • Plant seeds every 4 inches apart.
    • Choose to plant several varieties, some for eating as green beans, some for drying the seed for eating or for saving to plant next season
    • Successive plant every few weeks to have an ongoing harvest.
    • Keep well weeded.
    • Do not water the seed until it has germinated.

    For more information on check out Beans .

    Now is the time to start planning your vegetable garden for this coming season. I have several helpful ebooks that will provide you with easy to follow tips to having a fabulous vegetable garden. Check them out.

    Please contact me with your comments and suggestions.

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    Welcome to the world of vegetable gardening!


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