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Vegetable Gardening Hints, Issue #019 - Things to do in August.
August 01, 2009

August is your month to harvest and enjoy all the veggies in your garden! A wide range of vegetables are ready to be harvested in August, it is also the time to start planting so you can have fresh veggies during the fall and winter months.


  • Harvest Frequently
    Harvest your veggies on a regular basis. If you do not harvest beans, zucchini, and peppers for example on a regular basis the plant will stop producing more pods or fruits for you. The summer heat can make broccoli, lettuces and greens go to seed very quickly so keep harvesting your veggies when they are ready.

    Learn more about when your veggies are ready to be picked.

  • Keep plants well watered.
    This time of year a lot of us are under water restrictions however your veggies still need to be watered regularly especially it there is no rain. Drip irrigation or hand watering are often allowed even if there are water restrictions on food gardens. Both of these have a lot less water loss than sprinkling. Watering is best done in the early morning when it is cool.

    Check out our watering tips.

  • Sow your winter garden.
    Now is the time to start planting your winter veggies. Some common veggies that can be grown over the fall and winter in most climates are lettuce, spinach, radishes, peas, and turnips.

  • Fertilier tea
    To save money on fertilizers make your own organic compost or manure teas. Adding some of these teas around the base of your veggie plants every few weeks will give them the boost they need to produce great fruits, pods and seeds for you to harvest. Dilute some of this tea with water and spray the plant leaves to deter or get rid of pests like aphids, white fly and flea beetles. Learn how to make fertilizer teas.

  • " My 2009 Vegetable Garden Journal "gives you the best days to plant each month. It is a simple to follow book that will help you stay organized and give you all the information you need to have a successful vegetable garden.

    In the book you will find:

    • When the best time is to fertilize 25 common vegetables.
    • A monthly calender with the best dates to plant by the moon cycles.
    • Month at a glance to do list to guide you.
    • Easy to follow planting, growing and harvesting information for 25 common vegetables.
    • Tips on watering, fertilizeing, mulching and pest management.

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  • Need help with your garden layout?
    It is never to early to start planning for the fall or next season Now you know what you would like to grow, where and how are you going to make it happen? The most common ways of planting vegetables are in row, raised beds or in containers. Order one of my vegetable garden plans books for great planning ideas for your own garden.

  • August to do list:
    • Harvest your veggies regularly so they continue to produce more.
    • Continue to succession plant.
    • Keep vegetable plants watered.
    • Keep your garden beds weeded.
    • Remove the tops of single-stemmed tomato plants (not bush varieties) at the fourth truss. Then fertilize them.
    • Mexican bean beetles, Colorado potato beetles, squash vine borer, clubroot, and blossom end rot can show up this month.


    Check out some great organic vegetable recipes

    Now is the time to start planning your vegetable garden for this coming season. I have several helpful ebooks that will provide you with easy to follow tips to having a fabulous vegetable garden. Check them out.

    Please contact me with your comments and suggestions.

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    Welcome to the world of vegetable gardening!


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