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Vegetable Gardening Hints, Issue #002 -- Your February to do list and more.
February 01, 2008

Good gardening weather is just around the corner, a few more corners for people living in northern climates perhaps! No matter what the weather is outside there are things you can do to get organized for the coming growing season.


  • Read seed catalogs. Seed catalogs have great gardening information. You can find information on:
    • varieties
    • times to plant
    • dates to maturity(when vegetables are ready to be eaten)
    • plant spacing
    • special requirements

    All of this will help you in planning your garden. 6 steps to a fabulous vegetable garden is a great place to start.

  • Order your seeds
    Last month we talked about organizing all your left over seeds from last year. Now with your garden plan in hand it is time to order your seeds.

  • Start seeds indoors
    Tomatoes, leeks and onions need up to 12 weeks before transplanting to the garden so get those started indoors this month. Now is also the time to start indoors your early crops of lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower and spinach.

  • Test your soil
    Understanding your soil type then adding fertilizers and amendments to increase soil fertility and structure is part of the planning process. Now is the time to do a soil test.

  • Check equipment
    You need a few garden tools to have a successful vegetable garden. Now is the time to take stock of what you have. Does anything need repairing? Do you need to purchase anything? If you did not get your tools cleaned last fall now is the time to do it. Learn more about gardening tools.


Tomatoes - starting tomatoes indoors from seed

Tomato seeds germinate best when the soil temperature is 24-32 degrees Celsius. Try using the top of the refrigerator or use a heating cable.

Expect to see sprouts in 6-14 days. Light is not crucial until they sprout then move the plants to bright light in a cool area. Grow seedlings in temperatures not too cold and not too warm, room temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius is good. Allow the surface of soil to dry between waterings, but do not let plants wilt. After 4-6 weeks move them into larger pots burying a bit of the stem. After another 4-6 weeks transplant out to the garden when the weather is warm; usually towards the end of May, earlier if planting in a greenhouse. Get more information on how to start your own transplants.

February is a great month to get some seeds started indoors. Check in with for the simplest steps to having your own vegetables.

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Welcome to the world of vegetable gardening!


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