Planting by moon cycles

Planting by moon cycles is a bio dynamic principle that give you vegetable gardening planting times. Ancient gardeners noticed that when they planted seeds at certain times during the month they grew better than other times. Through trial and error they found out that the stages of the moon seemed to affect how their plants grew. Lunar gardening is based on the moon's gravitational effect on the flow of moisture in the soil and plants.

Many people believe that planting by the phases of the moon gives you larger and tastier vegetables. I have been gardening this way for the past 15 years truly believe this. I have done tests where I have planted 2 rows of broccoli, one during the waxing of the moon the other on the waning of the moon. The row planted during the waxing of the moon grew larger, healthier and pest free.

So when do you plant?

  • First Quarter (Waxing)
    Plant vegetables that produce above ground leafy parts and produce seeds outside of themselves. Some of these vegetables are spinach, lettuce, cabbage, and broccoli.

  • Second Quarter(Waxing)
    Plant above ground producing vegetables that produce seeds inside such as beans, peas, tomatoes, and squash.

  • Third Quarter (Waning)
    Plant your root crops such as onions, potatoes, beets and carrots.

  • Fourth Quarter (Waning)
    This is the best time to cultivate, weed, and to turn your compost

Check out "My 2012 Vegetable Garden Journal" for easy to follow planting tips. The journal has monthly calendar giving you the best days to plant above and below ground vegetables.

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