What's the best way for sowing vegetable seeds?

When sowing seeds different soil and temperature conditions are needed for them to germinate well. Here you will find a list of vegetables categorized by whether they are best started indoors or outdoors and what time of year are the best times for planting.

Started Indoors:

Vegetable NameBest time to plant
ArtichokesFeb - Apr
AsparagusFeb - May
BeetsMar - Jun
BroccoliMar - Jun
Brussel SproutsMarch - June
CabbageMarch - April
CauliflowerMarch - April
CeleryFebrary - April
CucumberApril - June
EggplantEarly April
KaleApril - mid July
LeeksFebruary - March
LettuceApril - July
OnionsFebruary - March
Oriental greensApril - July
PeppersFebrary - April
SpinachMarch - April; after August
SquashApril - May
Swiss ChardApril - early August
TomatoesEarly April

Started Outdoors:

Vegetable NameBest time to plant
BeansFebruary - May
BeetsApril - mid July
CarrotsApril - mid July
CornLate May - Early June
CucumberLate May - Early June
EndiveApril - July
GarlicOctober or March
KohlrabiEarly April - mid May
LettuceApril - July; after August
Oriental greensApril - July; after August
ParsnipsLate March - mid July
PeasApril - May
PotatoesMarch - May
RadishMarch - April; August to October
RutabagaMarch - April; August to October
Salad greensApril - July
SpinachMarch - April; after August
SquashLate May - late June

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