Vertical Vegetable Gardening

Vertical vegetable gardening is the way to go if you are short on space or just want some new shapes and structures in your vegetable patch. Try adding some interest to your garden by growing some of your vegetables up gardening stakes. 

Staking is easy when growing in containers so this is another option especially if you live in an apartment or have no backyard to speak of. Some plants grow best and will give you a more abundant harvest if they are grown vertically.

Setting up trellis for cucumbers.
Vertically growing peas.

I have used vertical growing in my greenhouse to grow my tomatoes as seen in the picture below.  This makes the fruit easier to pick, keeps them off the ground and allows more  circulation around the plant which keeps the plants and fruit healthier.

I have grown my cucumbers on trellis, again similar to the tomatoes it keeps them off the ground,  they grow straighter and in my experience generally healthier.

Peas are a natural vertical upright growing plant, however supporting them with stakes will allow them to grow taller with a stronger stem.  Beans grow very similarly to peas so support them to grow more vertical as well.

In the picture above you can see squash growing vertical in a small space garden.  Squash can take up a lot of space so training them to grow upward is definitely a space saver.  Squash is a heavy plant so make sure the supports are very strong to be able to hold the plants upright.

Vertical Vegetable Gardening list to grow:

Growing tomatoes vertically.

Vine and sprawling vegetables:

  • Beans - climbing and runner varieties
  • Cucumber
  • Gourds
  • Peas - snow peas are a great variety
  • Squash
  • Sweet Potato
  • Tomatillo
  • Tomato

For more information on specific vegetables please go to my vegetable list. Here you will find easy and useful information for planting, growing and harvesting your favourite vegetables. 

Vertical growing of vegetables, fruit, flower or perennials can add design and structure to your garden.  Most of us want a beautiful garden to show off to our family and friends.  Using structures for plants to grow on is a great way to do this.

Roses and grapes are two perfect ways to add structure, shade and beauty to your front or back garden. 

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