Vegetable Gardening Containers

No room for a vegetable garden? Vegetable gardening containers are your answer. Do you live in an apartment, condo or have a shady backyard? If you have a roof-top, windowsill, patio or just a doorstep then you can grow vegetables in containers. You can even harvest all year round!

Advantages to growing in containers:

  • They take up little space.
  • Need less weeding.
  • They can be moved aroundwith the movement of the sun.
  • The soil heats up faster so heat loving plants grow really well in containers.
  • They can be large or small, depending on your space and what you want to grow.
  • Vegetables can be grown in hanging baskets.
  • Fun & creative to grow in.
  • Can be decorative.

Disadvantages to growing in containers:

  • Container gardens are hard to leave as they usually need daily watering.
  • Containers can be expensive.
  • Cost of soil mixture.

So what vegetables grow best in containers? Check out my list on container candidates.

Just about anything you can grow in a garden bed can be grown in a container.  Your container choices can be varied, try regular gardening pots, or a wheelbarrow, metal containers, cement blocks, kitchen pots, bowls  - let your imagine and creativity run wild to create your perfect garden.

For a successful container garden you will need to consider the following:

Succession planting is important to consider and can be easy to do in containers. This means planting a veggies every few weeks so you can be eating fresh veggies throughout the whole season. Start some transplants of lettuce, spinach in one container and seeds in another.  This way you will be eating both for several weeks.  Once the first plants are done, put in some beans or tomatoes.  There is always room for another container of another veggies.

Herbs are great in containers as well.  Check out great recipes at 

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