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Vegetable Gardening Hints, Issue #052
March 26, 2013

3 steps to a Healthy Veggie Garden.

It feels like I have finally come out of hibernation. This morning I woke up hearing the sweet sound of birds singing and the sun was shining. Does that mean spring is finally here? I do hope so as my winter has felt very long and dark.

If you have not been out in your garden yet now is the time to get those beds ready for planting. In my opinion healthy soil is the place to start in order to have a healthy successful veggie garden.

Step 1:

Healthy soil is the basis to organic gardening. Your plants need food to grow; so regularly feeding the soil is the first step to a healthy garden. Veggie plants, berries, perennial flowers and shrubs all need a balance of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to grow well. Most soil has some of these nutrients, however the plants use them in order to grow and produce their fruits, flowers, and seeds so adding in fertilizers at least once a year is an important step to keeping your soil healthy. A strong root system will produce a healthier plant as it will be able to fight off any problem or pest that my come along.

Step 2:

Rotation is another way to keep you soil healthy and keep pests and disease from your garden plants. Rotating vegetables basically means not planting the same vegetables in the same spot for at least 3 or 4 years. Each veggie plant uses different nutrients from the soil, so by moving the vegetable to a new spot each year your soil is not being totally depleted of that specific nutrient. Various veggie plants attract different pests and diseases as well, so moving the plants discourages these pests or diseases.

Step 3:

Keeping your garden clean is another way to discourage pests and diseases, which will create a healthier garden. If you have any diseased plants make sure you place them into a garage bags right after pulling or cutting them, that way you are not spreading the problem to other areas by carrying them through your garden. Debris lying in your pathways or garden beds is a perfect place for pests to live, so take the time every spring and fall to make sure your garden is clean and tidy.

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