"The Everything"
Root Cellaring Book

Everything you want to know about root cellaring, canning, and preserving veggies can be found in this new book written by Catherine Abbott. She is also the author of "The Everything Grow Your Own Vegetables Book"

Purchase this popular book directly from the author.

Why I wrote this book?

After my first book “The Everything Grow your Own Vegetables Book” published and felt the topic of storing food would be the perfect follow up book. When I started writing this book I talked with my mother and other women who are all well into they’re seventies and eighties asking them about their experiences in preserving and storing foods. For them this was a necessity when they were growing up and raising families. Preservation techniques were something taught to them by their mothers or grandmothers, unfortunately those skills were not necessarily past down to my generation.

Today most of the skills or “tricks of the trade” around storing, canning and preserving foods are becoming obsolete, as we no longer need to rely on our gardens to feed us.

In recent years there has been a new trend in more of us wanting to return to our roots; to living off the land. We want to grow and preserve our own foods, some of us for our health, or the health of our children, or for the health of our planet. Whatever the reason, being able to choose home grown veggies and fruits from your storage area is the only reward you need, so start getting more info on how to get started right now!

Purchase this popular book directly from the author.

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Learn to store, cook, and preserve fresh produce all year round! (Everything Series)

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