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Vegetable Gardening Hints, May 15 2017
May 16, 2017

I have another road trip planned for June. I am heading to South Western United States, specifically Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. I am wanting to visit private veggie gardens and any community gardens in these areas. if anyone is interested in having me stop by for a visit I would love to hear from you. Contact me at

Check out my road trips the last two summers.

2016 road trip - British Columbia & Alberta, Canada
2015 road trip - across United States

My community garden update:

I started growing in a community plot in my new neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. The area is approx. 20 square feel in size.

I planted snap peas, salad greens, chard in early April and just last week planted carrots and beets. Once the weather is a bit warmer I will plant some English cucumbers. In Western Canada where I am, late May is a good time to plant the warm season vegetables.

When growing in a small area, or when you want to extend your harvest succession planting is the way to go. This means planting your vegetables in intervals over several weeks or months.

Succession planting allows you to harvest smaller quantities over a longer period of time. I know this works for me. How many cauliflowers or heads of lettuce can I eat at once; by planting a couple plants or seeds every few weeks allows me to harvest them as I need.

Vegetable chart

Here are some guidelines for vegetable crops that are great to succession planting.

Lettuce every 2-3 weeks to mid August

Beets every 4 weeks to mid July

Greens every 2-3 weeks to mid August

Scallions every 2-3 weeks to mid August

Broccoli every 4 weeks to mid July

Cabbage every 4 weeks to mid June

Chard every 4 weeks to mid August

Kale every 4 weeks to mid August

Spinach every 2-3 weeks to mid June

Carrots every 4 weeks to mid June

Beans every 2 weeks to mid July

Chinese Vegetable every 2-3 weeks to mid August

Cilantro every 2-3 weeks to mid July

Radish every 2-3 weeks to mid July

Zucchini every 3-4 weeks to mid June

Online coaching available.

Do you have questions about certain aspects of your garden, or need some direction on how to get your garden started? Let's have a face to face conversation via Skype? I offer online coaching sessions.

Catherine recommends her book:

How to improve your Garden Soil

Why is Soil so Important is a great new book giving simple and easy instructions on making and keeping your garden soil healthy.

Catherine's bio

Other vegetable gardening books written by Catherine Abbott, Your Vegetable Gardening Helper.

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Happy gardening!


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