What's the best way for sowing vegetable seeds?

Tomato seedling about 2 weeks old.

Sowing seeds to grow my own transplants is one of my favourite aspects of gardening.  I love to see that first sprig of green coming through the soil.

Starting transplants can be very beneficial. 

1) By planting transplants you have more control over how many plants will grow and succeed. 

2) You will save money.  Seeds are less expensive than purchasing full transplants. 

3) You will keep your garden healthier, diseases can be brought with purchased transplants.

When sowing seeds, different soil and temperature conditions are needed for them to germinate well.  Some seeds prefer a cool temperature others need high consistent temperatures.  Learn what the optimal growing conditions for each vegetable are.

Here you will find a list of vegetables categorized by whether they are best started indoors or outdoors and what time of year are the best times for planting.

Vegetable seeds for Sowing Indoors:

Vegetable Name and Best time to plant

Artichokes  Feb - Apr

Asparagus  Feb - May

Beets  Mar - Jun

Broccoli  Mar - Jun

Brussel Sprouts  March - June

Cabbage  March - April

Cauliflower  March - April

Celery  February - April

Corn  April

Cucumber  April - June

Eggplant  Early April

Kale  April - mid July

Leeks  February - March

Lettuce  April - July

Onions  February - March

Oriental greens  April - July

Peppers  February - April

Spinach  March - April; after August

Squash  April - May

Swiss Chard  April - early August

Tomatoes - Late March - April

Vegetable seeds for Sowing Outdoors

Vegetable Name and Best time to plant

Beans  February - May

Beets  April - mid July

Carrots  April - mid July

Corn  Late May - Early June

Cucumber  Late May - Early June

Endive  April - July

Garlic  October or March

Kohlrabi  Early April - mid May

Lettuce  April - July; after August

Oriental greens  April - July; after August

Parsnips  Late March - mid July

Peas  April - May

Potatoes  March - May

Radish  March - April; August to October

Rutabaga  March - April; August to October

Salad greens  April - July

Spinach  March - April; after August

Squash  Late May - late June

Learn how to grow you own transplants. 

A picture of a 8 week tomato transplant.  Tomato transplants are usually planted out side when they are about 12 weeks old.

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