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Vegetable Gardening Hints, Issue #049
July 03, 2012

Harvesting and enjoying all your veggies.

I must admit in my area, Western Canada it has been a very weird spring and now early summer weather wise. I was just reading a study that came out on climate change. "According to thousands of climate scientists analyzing climate date around the world, the evidence to date is unequivocal: the global climate is changing, and becoming warmer. This does not, however, mean that conditions everywhere are becoming consistently warmer year after year. All of the variables that impact climate will continue to influence the weather in many different ways." Our weather seems to have has been definitely cooler and more rain than normal. Some veggies like broccoli and lettuce are thriving in this weather but my tomatoes, basil, peppers, cucumbers are struggling - wanting a little bit warmer temperature and sunshine!

As a home gardener things vary each year and we adjust and eat what is growing. I guess that can be considered a benefit or a problem depending on your outlook on any given day. I say be grateful for what is growing well in your garden and enjoy it all to the fullest so I am eating lots of salad!

I am taking advantage of the cooler weather and sowing another round of spinach and swiss chard

If your garden season so far has been like mine, where everything seems to be growing slowly, producing later or areas that have not even been planted yet check out the list of fast growing veggies . Some of these might be just the perfect thing to plant tomorrow.

If your garden is growing and you are starting to get an abundance of veggies here are some tips for harvesting

Alternative Garden

I planted some peppers and flowers into my straw bale garden and after a week I thought I had found the answer - the peppers were flourishing! Then early this week I went to check on them and the tips were all nipped off by deer. Oh no if it is not the weather now it is the deer. Veggie gardening has is joys and struggles. Like I said earlier, concentrate on what is working and note what went wrong. The flowers are still doing well, and I need to make a note to protect this area from the deer.

Check out some pictures of my garden successes


Why is Soil so Important is a great book giving simple and easy instructions on making and keeping your garden soil healthy.

Other vegetable gardening books written by Catherine Abbott, Your Vegetable Gardening Helper.

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