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Vegetable Gardening Hints, Issue #059
February 08, 2014

Planning Your Veggie Garden

It seems no matter where you live mother nature has been wreaking some havoc with what would be seasonal temperatures or weather patterns. Here on the Canadian west coast we are having more sunny cool days than I remember in the last few years.

The sunny weather has got me out walking in my new neighborhood. I am in transition for the next few months so decided to see what the downtown core of Vancouver has been doing for community gardening. I have been getting inspired. city inspiration pics

  • Find inspiration. Take time to find inspiration for something new to add to your garden. Take a walk in your neighborhood check out ideas for a new structure or trellis, or buy a vegetable you have been thinking of eating and try a new recipes .

  • Start buying your vegetable seeds Choose reputable seed companies. If they do trials in a similar climate to yours even better, that way they will probably grow well for you as well.

  • Check out some new veggies to grow. Plan to try one new vegetable this year. Start with a few plants if you are not sure how they will grow or if the family will eat it. You might be surprised. Check out my list of vegetables to choose a new veggie to try this season.

  • Small space gardens. City life or in some rural areas small space gardens are the way to go. They take less time to manage and can produce lots of veggies. Learn more about small space gardening.

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Why is Soil so Important is a great new book giving simple and easy instructions on making and keeping your garden soil healthy.

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