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Vegetable Gardening Hints, Issue #061
May 18, 2014

10 Tips for Small Sapce Gardening

1. Use containers for growing veggies, herbs and small fruit trees. containers do not require a lot of space and can be placed on balconies, patios or front porches.

2. Grow vertical crops to maximize your space.

3. Grow plants that produce a large crop for the amount of space they take. You can get a large harvest of tomatoes or cucumbers from one plant where as planting a potato in the same space will not yield as much.

4. Grow plants that you can eat more that one part of. For example, with beets you can eat baby tops and once the plant matures eat the root.

5. Grow intensely. Utilize the square foot gardening method to maximize the number of plants you can grow in your small space or container garden. Just make sure you keep the soil rich and fertile.

6. Interplant fast and slow growing plants. Vegetable plants mature at different times and take up different amount of space.

7. Plant several different crops throughout the season. Plant an early crop and once it is harvested remove the used plant and plant a summer crop and then use the area again for a plant that will produce over the winter.

8. Avoid planting too many large plants. Some plants like potatoes and squash can take up a huge amount of garden space. Limit the number of large plants, leaving more space of other crops.

9. Choose dwarf or small size vegetable varieties.

10. Grow perpetual or perennial vegetables. Choose varieties that can be harvested over a couple seasons such as Swiss chard or kale. Grow asparagus that will produce food for several years with only a little maintenance.

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