Vegetable Photos

Vegetable Photos from my gardens and travels.  I am new to photography and have become passionate about taking pictures of gardens, vegetables, fruits and flowers.  Enjoy my pictures.  Each picture also has a link to growing the veggies.

Kholrabi - futurist looking vegetable which I love to eat raw.

Lovely red tomato - tasty and sweet great eaten raw or cooked into a sauce.

Green Cabbage - Cool season crop used for cabbage rolls and coleslaw.

Savoy Cabbage - softer leaves great for cooking or eating raw as replacement for flour or corn tortillas.

Nice BIG cabbage.

Red Cabbage - cooked red cabbage brings back memories of my Polish and German dinners. 

Leaf lettuce  - easy to grow, easy to make into a colourful salad.

Carrot tops - the orange roots are growing underground :)

Carrots hugging LOL.  A rocky garden is often the cause of cool root shapes.

Shelling peas - these need to be peeled; some work, but so tasty once done.

Peas - all different sizes and they can be eaten fresh or can easily be frozen.

Snap pea - no shelling here, these have a tasty shell and peas that can be eaten together.

Broccoli - popular veggie that Mom's want their kids to eat. 

Lacinto Kale - green thin leaves, tasty to eat raw, cooked or can be frozen.

Harvested Russian green kale and Swiss Chard  A combination of tasty greens from my community garden.

English Cucumber - a variety that grows long and can be eaten without peeling.  My favourite.

Cauliflower - beautiful tasty white vegetable.  Now used even used to make pizza crust.

Patchwork garden growing onions.  Photo taken in India.

Young onions growing as a bunch.

Red onions - sweeter and more colourful variety.

Squash - so many varieties, I think this one is hubbard squash.

Celery - some feel this is one of the most difficult vegetable to grow.  It does take extra work but can be worth it.

Beets - easy to grow root crop.

Yellow Peppers - spicy, hot great in chili or curry.

HOT HOT pepper

Another HOT pepper

Mixed Salad greens fresh from my community garden.

Vegetable photos of markets in India

Herbs photos

Harvested chives - tasty herb that I use in salads and stews.

Basil - one of the most popular herbs to grow and use.

Fruit Photos LOL

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