Vegetable Garden planting - gardens in British Columbia, Canada

Do you want to see how others are vegetable garden planting in your area?  "Growing Gardens" road trip was in early June 2015 I fulfilled a dream I have had of traveling throughout Canada and the USA visiting veggie gardener's.  My trip was for 3 reasons:

  1. To meet some of my readers, see how they grow their own food, learn what challenges and successes they have may have in their area of the country, and share this with my other readers.
  2. To inspire more people to grow some of their own food, to show how easy it can be.
  3. To explore the vast areas of Canada and the USA, I love road trips.

I was looking to visit vegetable gardens large or small, rural or urban, traditionally or quirky.  I felt it would be fabulous to be able to share the huge diversity of how, where and what people grow to provide food for themselves. 

Vegetable Garden Planting - close to home

Community garden in downtown Sechelt,

British Columbia, Canada

Behind the Community Services office on Inlet Avenue is a beautiful oasis of display and vegetable gardens created and maintained by many volunteers since ground was broken in 1992.  There are 34 raised beds 4 feet by 12 feet.

This area is near senior facilities as well as many apartment buildings and condos.  This makes the community garden accessible to many who do not have a front or back yard to grow in.

Small backyard garden in Roberts Creek           

British Columbia, Canada

We dug up a 10 by 15 foot area of grass to make this garden. It was quite sloped so we used a log to divide the area into two beds, on two levels.  Because the larger bed was so wide we decided to make a designated pathway of stone in the center of it for the following reasons: 

  1. So we would not compact the growing area which is hard on the soil structure.
  2. To easily reach all areas of the garden for planting and harvesting.

As I began my road trip I added new photos and write ups of gardens I was honored to visit and explore. 

I started out from southern British Columbia, Canada.  My initial plan its to drive down the West coast, head across southern USA, up the eastern coast and then back across northern USA and across into Canada. 

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